Mission and Vision Statement

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

How to write a mission statement that matters

In this article, we will go over the importance of not only a mission statement but a vision statement as well. Both are extremely important in branding your business and setting a baseline goal for you and your team to achieve. Though these two statements are similar in style, word choice, and importance, they mean two completely separate things. Your mission statement will describe why your business is running in the first place. A vision statement is what your business will aim to achieve, and where your business will go.

If you have never heard of a mission or vision statement, or simply haven’t needed one, you are not alone. Though you may not see it now, a well thought out mission and vision statement can set a precedent for your company to follow. Sure you make your product or sell your service, but what's the real reason your service is needed, and what do you aim to achieve with it? Your statements should be very inspiring, relatable, and streamlined. You do not want to take up space with unnecessary phrasing. Most of all you want to be sure they are true to your company.

Here are some tips to create a meaningful set of statements:

Mission Statement:

As mentioned above many people think this may be a statement you can do without or just makeup rather quickly. The problem occurs when you find the legalities attached to your mission statement when you decide to trademark. You realize you have to pick a very specific statement as to stay true to your trademark. This can make a larger company spend weeks or months on developing the perfect mission statement, one that both inspires but allows a broad enough take on their company. If you are too specific you may limit yourself in the future to what your company can offer.

Don't spend too much effort detailing what you do, but on why you do it.

Many times a company will get caught describing what they do, instead of detailing why they do it. So the first place to start is by developing a Why for your business. Sure you are in business so you can make a living for yourself, but what are you providing for your people? In what way does your product or service impact your customer's lives? What impact are you making in your industry? What inspired your company to open, and what drives you forward?

Take a look at your values As a business owner, what values do you wish to incorporate into your business model? Often you will find your own values will become the values of the business, so start with what you value, and then focus on what you want to see your company do. You need to showcase the value of your business here, because once you find the value behind your business you can use that to inspire those behind you, in your workplace.