20 Ways to Create a Successful Sales Strategy

Your Sales Strategy is all about how you will get sales from your customers, and how you will create a profit that will grow your business. A proper strategy will have a streamlined flow of how to land a new client and create reoccurring clients, which pulls in enough profit to satisfy your liabilities and the capital you need to grow.

To see how many sales you need to make you need to think of a few questions first:

  • What is the longest, and shortest sales cycle you can expect for your customers?

  • Do you have one time buyers or a group of reoccurring customers?

  • What sales have you made so far, and what type of revenue have you seen?

  • How many sales on average will you have to make to stay on track?

  • If you have clients already, which one brought in the highest revenue, and why?

  • What type of investments will you need to make to develop a better sales team or order turnover time?

  • What sales strategy appeals best to your target demographic?

There are many strategies confirmed to work throughout the years we will go over which educate your customers, inspire them to buy, and how to close the sale. However it is good to start with hard numbers to see how your current sales team is operating.

The first number you should work out is your

Conversation Rate, or your opportunity rate of potential leads to customers. Say you have 100 people on your contact list, you have an opportunity of 100 customers, but if only one of those purchased than you have a 1% conversation rate with your email campaign


Sales Pipeline Coverage

This is connected to your break-even analysis report. It shows how many sales you need to make and what size your opportunity pool should be.