Kele Web Designs is a Digital Marketing Agency located in Spring Hill, Florida. Our small team of experts is skilled in Web Design, Marketing, Business Building, and More. We have been helping our clients build beautiful and profitable businesses since 2019. Are you ready to start or scale your business? Click below to schedule a free consultation to discuss our business building options.

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Our team of web design experts is skilled in web design on every major web platform. We pride ourselves on offering beautiful and professional websites at affordable prices. For larger projects, we have app developers, software developers, and website developers here to help you get the job done professionally and proficiently while striving to maintain your project's budget. Click here to browse our popular web design packages or click here to schedule a free consultation call to discuss your website needs.

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We have been able to help many customers increase their revenue and following by applying our knowledge and expertise. We help with crucial business aspects such as concept development, business plans, niching down in their market, defining marketing segments, creating custom strategies, and more. Click here to schedule a free phone consultation today to see how Kele Web Designs can help build or scale your business.

Kele Web Designs is a multi-service digital marketing agency with team members across the United States. Click Here to learn more about our other digital marketing services such as custom graphic design, content creation, social media management,  back-end website administrative assistance, customer assistance outsourcing, commercial video production, and more.

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About Us

Kele Web Designs was founded in 2019 when CEO, Kele Carter, decided she was going to start freelance web designing. Kele owns several profitable businesses and has a passion for helping others financially flourish through building their brand. For that reason, she started offering business-building services in addition to her web design. With her business-building services, Kele was able to help her clients scale their business and increase their online following and net worth. Kele brought on a team in July of 2020 to keep up with demand and to help others find work in light of COVID19. We now operate as a tightknit team of experts located all around the United States, with skill sets that complement one another. This gives us all the knowledge and resources necessary to efficiently build beautiful websites and businesses for our clients.